About us

Anatomical Architects, Inc was created with one goal, to improve the health and fitness of the human race. The name Anatomical Architects itself was derived after the founder and CEO Alan Philipson was preparing for orthopedic surgery after he was involved in a serious incident which broke both his left leg and right arm. His father Dr. Alvin Philipson, an inventor himself and accomplished Dentist, after reviewing his son's x-rays with the orthopedic surgeon asked, "what do you think"? The surgeon looked at Dr. Philipson and said, "it's going to take an Anatomical Architect to piece him back together" and the name was born.  

The first product released under the Anatomical Architects brand is the patented CerviFit® Neck Strengthening device (U.S.Patent# 9,198,820). Designed to provide a portable, affordable and effective way to train what has been referred to by the medical community as the “human shock absorber”, the neck. The idea that a stronger neck can mitigate the risk of concussion went from a novel hypothesis to a scientific conclusion in October 2014. In a study entitled ,"Neck Strength: A Protective Factor Reducing Risk For Concussion In High School Sports", 6,704 high school athletes in boys' and girls' soccer, basketball, and lacrosse from 51 high schools in 25 states during the 2010 and 2011 academic years were studied by their respective AT (Athletic Trainers).  The study concluded, "For every one pound increase in neck strength, odds of concussion decreased by 5 %". 

The importance of neck exercise has also been linked with improved muscle tone, vertebral alignment, blood flow and nerve connectivity.  

For us at Anatomical Architects, prevention and performance are the equal sides of the same coin. That is why we adopted the monikers "Before The Hit" and "Just Train It" to impart a proactive approach to injury reduction in sports.