Girls Soccer

Weston FC Ranked #1 (FLA); #88 Globally, Olivia Gifford #5 featured

With girls twice as likely to sustain a concussion as their male peers, studies have shown that a weaker neck and the rapid acceleration/deceleration play an important role in determining concussion risk. 


We love the emails we are getting from our customers and the topics are so relevant to so many, we here at CerviFit have decided, why not respond to these in video format.? That is why we created what we call the Muscle Minute. If you have a question and want to see it on Muscle Minute (we only use the first name and last initial), please send an email to

Part 1: Football Rotation

We are so excited to kick off our series Muscle Minute with a question that is so topical and relevant from Daniel W (Fresno, Ca.)

Part 2: Posture and Forward Head  

In this Muscle Minute, we talk about the correct neck muscles to train with the CerviFit to help with forward head, migraines and posture related issues. The question comes from Roger A (Washington, DC)

Before The Hit..CerviFit

Men's Health and Muscle and Fitness cover model David Morin trains with the CerviFIt Neck Strengthening System.

Coaches Corner

How the CerviFit® functions

Leonard Cohen, Director of Safety and Player Development illustrates the Proper Use of the CerviFit® Neck Strengthening Device. 


Dr. Spencer Baron Interviewed About The CerviFit® Neck Strengthening System

After 19 Seasons with the Miami Dolphins, Florida Marlins and now the New York Mets, Dr. Spencer Baron discusses the importance of neck strengthening and why he endorses the CerviFit® Neck Strengthening Device.

High School Football Hall Of Fame (2015) Coach Mark Guandalo Sr. Interviewed

A legend in the South Florida and national high school football community, Coach Guandalo has always been a vocal supporter of youth sports safety. Coach Guandalo gives his perspective of the CerviFit®  Neck Strengthening Device. 

University of Pittsburgh Linebacker Interviewed

Football mother Susan Gordon who's son former University of Pittsburgh Linebacker Shane Gordon broke multiple vertebrae in his neck is interviewed. 

In The News

ABC News Interview on the CerviFit® 

Cypress Bay high school implemented mandatory neck strengthening using the CerviFit®  Neck Strengthening Device. Athletic Trainer Mark Guandalo, Jr. as well as players and CerviFit designer Alan Philipson is interviewed. 

 The Greatest Running Back Bo Jackson Interviewed on ESPN Regarding Neck Strength

Setting NCAA records at Auburn was only the start to Bo Jackson's short but illustrious dual-sport career. As a running back for the then (Los Angeles) Raiders and left fielder for the Kansas City Royals, Bo Jackson made the impossible possible and mesmorized all who watched. This portion of the ESPN Sports Sciences interview discusses how he prepared to play at a level not seen since Jim Thorpe almost a century before. 

How To Section

How To Assemble The CerviFit® 

This video details how to assemble your CerviFit Neck Strengthening Device. 

 CerviFit® CE (Continuing Education) For Trainers and Healthcare Providers. 

With the following academic and organizational credits to her name, Adita Lang goes over the importance of neck strengthening and training for use by trainers and healthcare providers. 

Adita is  accredited by the following organizations and serves on many of their committee and faculty programs:

  • The University of Miami
  • The American Council on Exercise
  • The International Sports Conditioning Association
  • The Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
  • The National Academy of Sports Medicine